Technical Safety and Fire Protection

For today’s oil companies, nothing is more important than the safety of its personnel and the local communities in which they operate. Our technical safety partners have experience in many areas of technical safety and can help ensure that risks are understood and minimized.

For clients that require support in Technical Safety Studies, we have expertise in HAZOP, SIL, Quantitative Risk Assessment, Consequence Modelling and many other studies that have been used to help formulate the safest designs for facility owners.

Fire Protection

In the area of Fire Protection, we can offer risk based as well as prescriptive services to optimize application of both passive fire protection and active firefighting systems. For Fire and Gas Detection we can offer design solutions based on prescriptive based approaches, and for more complex and hazardous facilities, we can provide solutions using the latest risk and Computation Fluid Dynamics based approaches. We have access to world class suppliers of a wide range of related products and technologies.

Emergency Management

For emergency management and response, we have experience in H2S emergency management planning as well as emergency response to identified major accident events. We have relationships with suppliers of Respiratory Protection Equipment, Toxic Gas detection, Personal Protection Equipment and many other safety related equipment.